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Why a Wheels and Skate Park?

Skateboarding is a social sport that has multi-generational appeal and has grown into a mainstream pursuit and an inspirational Olympic sport

Historically, some skating facilities ended up in dark forgotten corners of parks and gained a bad reputation. The Portishead Skate and Wheels Park at the Lake Grounds will be a safe, well monitored destination that our young people can be proud of. 

Having access to high quality facilities can help Portishead local young people and adults access the kind of opportunities that are available elsewhere, facilities that they have requested for many years! 

Skateboard England describes significant benefits that skateboarding can have in relation to mental health and physical wellbeing. In contrast to a lot of sports, the lack of team element means there is no social pressure on skateboarders who can be encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace whilst being supported by an inclusive skating community.  

The Proposal

The facility will be a state of the art concrete skate bowl at the Lake Grounds adjacent to Esplanade Road. The Park will be run as a fully inclusive and accessible community facility and is designed for all ages and abilities. Coaching will be available provided by trained sports coaches. 

Here is the exciting design! Note: the Wheels Park will be set into the existing grass.

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